Websites! At first, they too complicated and too expensive. It doesn't have to be this way. This information is important and should be carefully considered before you decide to open your own practice.


The best way to get a steady stream of clients is to have a professional website up and running. This usually means hiring a web designer and paying out a couple of thousand Euro, only to find yourself waiting a few months before you see your site online.


If you don't know what you really want, this can be more costly; you will be charged for any changes you want to make to the site and can expect to be charged maintenance fees of €1,000 per year with many companies and designers.


Some web designers can be more reasonable, but you have to shop around to find anything under €1,000 for a typical 5 page website after all the hidden extras are added. The advertised price is rarely the end price. All of this can be time consuming and very frustrating.


New web designers often go out of business which can mean that your bargain basement website may never be completed, or you're stuck with a website that you can't change. Websites can be very expensive to get built properly and it would be almost impossible to find a designer who uses the same software, or coding language as the one you hired. For this reason, a new designer will rarely take on an existing, or old project and will most certainly insist on starting a new project.


You also need to pay for a hosting plan. Designers can charge huge amounts for  the privilege of getting your site hosted. Hosting is basically renting space for your website. It is necessary to have hosting, but the money paid is often very excessive. A hosting plan is what allows you to publish your website on the Internet.


Some people try to build their own, but this is not the best idea unless you want your website to be be nothing more than an online leaflet. If it is not built properly, the search engines will not rank the website and only those who know the website address will be able to view your website.



Why put yourself through the trouble and expense? Let Simply Built Websites build and manage your website. Everything is taken care of and you can have as much input as you like. The IHR owns Simply Built Websites and can give the best deals to members!