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Unit 11, Grange Retail Park

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My name is Sabine Volkmann , I am a professional hypnotherapist !

I´m born and grown up in Hamburg, Germany! Have also a practice for hypnotherapy in Lüneburg Germany, since 5 years. I moved in my favourite homeland to Dublin, and became also a qualified OMNI Instructor.


So I can  offer you a professional ISO 9001 certified education in Hypnotherapy, because I lead the OMNI Training Center Dublin!


The OMNI Hypnosis qualification offers the highest quality assurance. OMNI Hypnosis was founded in 1979 by Gerry Kein from Florida. He was trained by Dave Elman and taught “regression to cause” for a lifetime.


OMNI has training centres all over the world and is the fastest growing hypnosis training worldwide! USA, Schweiz, China, Germany, Brasilien, Polen, Russland and more. No matter which country you train in, it is taught everywhere according to the same curriculum. The science of modern Hypnosis!


Another method, the “Simpson Protocol” is a highly efficient and interactive hypnotic process at the esdaile stage. Developed by the Canadian hypnotherapist, Ines Simpson, it is a universally applicable process which achieves outstanding results in 1-3 sessions.


Furthermore, I work with a range of  techniques and have found significant success with these treatments, particularly with various skin issues such as warts, verrucas, dermatitis, psoriasis and shingles, thyroid.


I will look forward to seeing you soon!