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Janet Daish

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Marisa Peer


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Janet Daish Hypnotherapy


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1 Ross Park




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As a Rapid Transformational Practitioner, I am trained to help people remove blocks that are stopping them from achieving their goals. Eliminating procrastination and successfully moving forward towards a brighter future. Knowing ‘they are enough’. I work with issues, such as eliminating stress, improving confidence and finding the courage to perform functions, including public speaking. I will also work with any form of addiction, such as drinking, smoking and food habits, thus assisting weight loss.


I perform one to one sessions in person and can easily get the same results with Zoom or Whatsapp. Both locally or international.


This is an extraordinary form of hypnotherapy which has proven success in one or two sessions, instead of many sessions with the traditional form of therapy.


I have for many years been interested in different forms of healing and completed my Reiki Masters 10 years ago, but felt there were other avenues to explore. I studied RTT with Marisa Peer and we continue to add to our learning.