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Dudley Hayden

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Galway Hypnosis


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Cara Physiotherapy & Healthcare Building

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Dudley is a fully certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist. He is a Registered, Certified Hypnotherapist and holds a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy with the Hypnosis Academy; formerly known as The Irish Hypnotherapy Association. He is also a former Regional Director of the Irish Hypnotherapy Association. He is also a Certified Member and Hypnotherapist of the National Guild of Hypnotists Inc.


Dudley has spent thousands of hours with clients in the state of hypnosis and has helped hundreds of clients to stop smoking and reduce weight. He has also helped many people with Fears and Phobias, anxiety, stress management, sports performance enhancement, self confidence, public speaking, exam stress, pre-test nerves and many many other issues.


Dudley comes from a sporting background at the highest level and therefore has a keen interest in helping sportsmen and women to achieve new levels of mental preparedness. He is former 2 times South African Amateur Champion and holder of at least 30 Provincial Championships. He is also a former ex-Springbok. Needless to say his expertise in training and mental preparedness levels are well experienced. Dudley uses hypnosis to help them achieve their full powerful potential, without limits.


His Clients would include business men and women, TV & film stars, TV presenters, masters, graduates, dancers, top sports stars, Olympic coaches, top personalities, company executives, architects, engineers and of course, you; when you want to change your life.





Verified Testimonials:


Ann Conroy from Dublin said:


I have suffered from Agoraphobia, Panic Attacks & a Phobia of Doctors for 40 years. After doing the rounds of Psychiatrists & Therapists with little success I saw Dudley on Nationwide and decided to give hypnosis a try as a last resort. After 4 sessions I am now free of panic attacks, I am out and about walking and do not dread a visit to the Doctor any more. Thanks to Dudley I now feel like a new person and have a normal life which I never thought I would have. I found Dudley to be very professional and friendly and he even followed up with texts to see how I was doing. I would have no hesitation in recommending him. Thank you Dudley




Marion Little from Port Laois said:


Dudley was a fantastic, caring and very professional man. His manner and techniques were outstanding. My daughter saw him to help with her confidence. From the moment we left his office she took charge of herself.  The difference in her was brilliant. Didn't expect a miracle but what he was able to change in less than 2 hours to help her reach her goals was instant. Thank you Dudley




Julian O' Dwyer from Galway said:


I have visited more than one hypnotist in my life. I have found Dudley to be by far the best. I have visited more than one hypnotist in my life. I have found Dudley to be by far, the best. I went from being completely depressed to being TOTALLY in command of my own destiny in only two sessions. He is friendly, professional and has a calming air which instantly makes you believe he can do it, and so can you. He even went so far as sending me a text message with embedded suggestions just before the meeting I was working towards, which put me completely in the zone and the meeting went far better than  I could ever have imagined. I'd say it was worth every penny, but what he has given me is worth far more than money could buy. I will be going back again no doubt.




Lucie Vojsova from Galway said:


Brilliant,very enthusiastic,100% dedication,I haven't had chocolate since, yipeee!!!




Rob from Kildare said:


Met with Dudley two weeks ago with regards to reducing my weight. Session was very very relaxed and Dudley went through in detail with me what my goals were. This was not a generic programme that Dudley goes through with you. My Programme was personalised for me and what I wanted to achieve by Dudley. Two weeks later.....IT WORKS!!! I haven't touched any white bread, chocolate bars, chips, soft drinks! These were my downfall big time! I have lost weight over the past two weeks, but what I have noticed even more is that my stomach has started to flatten out and that is a huge confidence booster in itself. Also I've noticed that my eating habits in general have cleaned up and that I go for the healthy option. No more late night snacks either!


What Dudley does during your session is give you 110%. I have no doubt that I will continue to lose unwanted fat in the future.Many thanks to Dudley for his help and what a pleasure it was in meeting him. A real Gent!!




Stan O Grady from Galway said:


I attended Dudley Hayden for smoking cessation in March 2009 after hearing excellent feedback from 2 people. It was my first time attending a Hypnotherapist and I found Dudley to be very friendly, down to earth and professional. I found the session excellent. Dudley was continuously supportive after the session and contacted me a number of weeks later to monitor my progress. I am now four months off the cigarettes. I was 15 years smoking and had attempted to give up a number of times but to no avail. I genuinely feel like a new person - healthier, fitter and even took up surfing since giving up. I was so impressed with Dudley that I decided to return to him to address my ongoing weight problem. I also found the session excellent and in three weeks I am already down in weight after struggling with hopeless diets for so long.




Evelyn from Galway said:


I was sceptical about what hypnosis could offer me – until after my first couple of sessions. It was like a “switch” had been turned on, which had been dormant for years. In my quest for weight loss I had become fixated, obsessed even, on weighing, measuring and analysing my food, forgetting that food is only a fuel source, and my concern should have been trying to maintain a healthy, stable body. I could not recognise real hunger, as my mind created unhealthy reasons to eat, boredom, fear, stress…and many more.


Hypnosis with Dudley has allowed me to bring my mind and body on the same wavelength, alleviating these physiological factors, and allowing me to concentrate on having a healthy, balanced, energised, stable body and mind. Even better – was achieving a weight loss of 9 lbs in 6 weeks, and I didn’t count one calorie or weigh one ounce of food in that time. Highly recommended. Thank You Dudley!




Sharon from Galway said:


I would recommend Dudley Hayden in Athenry to anyone that has truly decided to quit the cigarettes. I found Dudley to be professional and considerate and totally understanding of what I was feeling in my fears and worries. I was comfortable from the minute I walked into his office and he made the whole process very interesting. I found the hypnosis to work amazingly well, I came out of the session not sure if it had worked or not. I am now a whole week off the cigs and have had no cravings and I can recognise the old thought patterns of when I used to after I did something, but I recognise the thought and now I know there is no craving with it. It is great freedom now and I feel like I am in total control of my own life after 20 years of smoking. I already can feel the benefits of being free from the ‘smoke’. So Thank You Dudley and I wish you all the success with your future clients.




Brid from Galway said:


My experience of hypnotherapy with Dudley was a very positive one. Dudley was extremely helpful and understanding when explaining my problem to him - kind of an obsession with getting on with people!I would definitely not hesitate to recommend Dudley as a worked for me.




Suzanne from Dublin said:


I booked a session for my husband with Dudley after I saw him on Nation wide program on RTE. I rang Dudley to ask a few questions and then booked the session for my husband as a birthday present, as I had been been thinking of Hypnosis for quite some time.  my husband had been smoking for 29 years, 20 cigarettes a day, a pack a day. It was getting so expensive, as well as his health issue; it was giving me sleepless nights. I was thinking he was going to die young and never see his grandchildren. Any how, he went to Dudley on 13 Feb (2010) and has stopped smoking. He was a hardened smoker so to speak.... but so far so good... he has not smoked and I cannot believe it, as he was previously not even able to cut out one cigarette less a day... I am truly grateful, as I feel he has his life back and what a pleasure to have the man I married back again. A non smoker.... thank you to Dudley Hayden




Paul from Galway said:


It's a shock how my cravings for fags and nicotine disappeared. Brilliant!




Aveen from Louth said:


Having tried many times in the past to quit my smoking habit I now feel calm about the subject and for the first time ever, confident of success. I am thinking about cigarettes in a very different way than before which I feel will be the key to my success. I would without hesitation, recommend Dudley to anybody who wants to stop smoking.




Mrs Cassidy from Donegal said:


My Hubby was a 20 a day smoker since he was 15. This guy stopped him from smoking immediately. Bless you Dudley, I can look forward to atleast 20 more years with the man I love. xxxx




Liam from Kildare said:


I attended a session with Dudley 4 weeks ago to be hypnotised to quit smoking. It has been an absolute success and I am now a non smoker! I have no urge to smoke whatsoever and never experienced any cravings in the weeks since. I was a 20 a day smoker progressively getting worse and more unhealthy. I would recommend Dudley to anyone who wants to quit.




Louise from Kildare said:


I attended Dudley Hayden a month ago to give up cigarettes and I have been smoke free ever since. I have no cravings at all and I feel as if I never smoked. I would highly recommend him.




Gabrielle from Kildare said:


I went to Dudley to quit smoking a disgusting habit I had for 20 years It's only been a short time since our session but I found Dudley to be extremely keen, helpful, interested and with his help I am confident that I have quit the habit. I would definitely recommend Dudley.




Mrs Smith from Kildare said:


I attended Dudley Hayden last week for a confidence boost and found him to be a very professional and caring man who put me totally at ease. Since my session I have found a vast improvement to my confidence. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dudley.




Margaret Stewart from Dublin 14 said:


Dudley was extremely kind to me and most professional. He was very helpful in treating me for anxiety and gave me very good relaxation techniques. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help in coping with anxiety and phobias as I did. I am very grateful to him and will keep in touch. Many thanks Dudley.




Sheelagh from Mullingar said:


very professional and caring experience.




Mary Tobin from Dublin said:


I have had weight problems on and off for some time. Diets came and went, and then I was introduced to Dudley Hayden who gave me the belief that I could get my weight under control.It is only one week since my meeting with Dudley and I am more than delighted  with the result. I also think the follow on contacts by text or phone are helpful. Dudley is a gentleman as well as an excellent therapist.




Louise Quigley from Dublin 12 said:


I went to dudley hayden hpnotist in naas on the 14th of feb 2011 to give up smoking. i had been to hypnosis before and had acupuncture but was obviously not ready and was unsuccessful then. i came to dudley ready to give up and was prepared to do all that it took.he told me my lung age was that of a 75yr old which shocked me, but more shocking was that if i stopped now i could reverse that age back. i am now 10 days off cigarettes and feel wonderful and feel my whole thought process has changed about smoking through the hypnosis and its been a very smooth transition to being a non smoker and thats thanks to dudley.




Linda Matthews from Kildare said:


I have been addicted to coca cola for 13 years and it has affected me in every way possible. no matter how many times i tried to give up i could never do it. So yesterday i went to see Dudley, he was very professional but had a calming feel to him at the same time so i wasnt nervous for long. i had a 2 hour session with him and havent touched coca cola since so fingers crossed i stay off it but so far so good. Dudley has changed my life for the better and i can never thank him enough for what he has done. He is a miracle worker and i will recommend him to all my friends and family. 100% happy with my experience. Thank you Dudley




Teresa Walshe from Portumna said:


I went to see dudley last week. it was very relaxing i havent eaten any sweets this week and have cut down on portion size. I have now more motivation to go walking in the evenings. It was the best decision i made. thank you dudley




Niamh King from Ballinure said:


I visited Dudley last November (2010) about my fear of spiders. The phobia was taking over my life, it was stopping me doing things, visiting places, gardening etc, I was also suffering terrible nightmares too. I had heard of NLP and thought Hypnotherapy might work. I was going travelling to India and really didnt want it ruining my trip. I was only able to see Dudley for 1 session before I travelled & even though I knew I'd need another session or 2 when I came home  the change was amazing, I'm more relaxed in general, no more nightmares, I dont notice them as much, I used to scan rooms for them now i dont, I can now be in the same room as a spider, no fear of going into attics, greenhouses, sheds etc. I am back from travelling now and  will visit him again for a little refresher, the fear is gone but I still dont want one touching me so I want to fix that remaining anxiety. It was the best decision I made and wish I had done it years ago. Thanks Dudley




Laura from Galway said:


Been smoking for 10 years and got so so sick of it. Was smoking about 10-15 a day and never succeeded in quitting more than a few days on most attempts. Went to see Dudley and after one session I walked away knowing I wouldn't smoke again. It was easy and the relief is fantastic. I never KNEW I wouldn't smoke again, I KNOW now though thanks to Dudley. I thought of a cig on a few occasions since, when I would normally have lit up but there is no way I would have one. It's so so easy!! Thanks again.




Mark Murray from Athenry said:


Thanks Dudley for helping me quit smoking so so easily! I've smoked for 14 years about 20 a day! I had a few attempts to quit which never lasted any length of time. I recently got very fed up with the habit, went to see Dudley and that was it - I walked out of the meeting free of the habit!! Thanks so much Dudley!




Katie Donohoe from Kildare said:


In my opinion Dudley Hayden was an excellent help and a real pleasure to  meet.... i really believe he has helped me so much. He was so positive about everything and so friendly. I have recommended him to all my friends.




Tina Dalton from Currandulla, Galway said:


I went to Dudley in Feb 2011, I remember hoping that it would work, Its now June and I have never looked back i have to say ive become one of those anti smoking people absolutely hate smoke around me now, So So happy though :)




Noreen Killian from Kildare said:


I have had a very positive result. I have a much clearer way of seeing things and less stressed  since I went for hypnotherapy.




Tom from Clonee, Dublin said:


Dudley was 1st class.....he put me at ease before we started. 4 weeks still cancer stick free.Its really not that hard give it a go.




Rachael Macken from Dublin 24 said:


I went to see Dudley Hayden in Naas. I have struggled with my weight since my teens and was very much a comfort/emotional eater. We went through my issues and he listened carefully. Now it’s nearly 4 weeks later and I’m doing well, I’m just so positive.  My daily routine has changed for the better and I’m eating so healthy and can’t get enough fruit & veg. I have no interest in "junk food" and I haven’t touched any biscuits, cakes, chocolate, sweets etc and I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. I don’t clear my plate anymore I stop when I’m full. People have noticed a difference in me already.  I am 100% more active now and feel a lot more alert and beginning to feel pretty again. I have booked another session with Dudley and I have already recommended him to family & friends.  I know I am only at the start but thanks to Dudley’s help I am changing my life!!




Noreen Russell from Galway said:


I am off cigarettes now for nearly 5 weeks  i never thought i would see the day,  i had been smoking for 35 years so this is a huge success for me and its all thanks to Dudley,i am amazed that i have very few cravings and when i do get one it goes very quick. I love that i am a non smoker and intend to stay that way. thank you Dudley.




Blaithin Moloney from Dublin 24 said:


I am off the cigarettes one year today, being a committed smoker I never thought I could do it but with hypnosis and Dudley, I have succeeded.  Such a great feeling!




Martina from Galway said:


I visited Dudley on the 30/09/2011. I have smoked for 15 years. I was smoking 16 a day. I really wanted to give up, I found Dudley so approachable and felt so comfortable. I know in my heart i will never smoke again. I left Dudley completely strong minded and no matter how strong the craving, I  felt much more head strong to take control and say no. Thank you so much Dudley.! I smell better and feel better. I just love my smoke free life! Thank You




Brian from Kildare said:


I have suffered from panic attacks for several years. I have tried medication and various other techniques to eliminate this without success. I decided to try hypnosis and found Dudleys details. I have had one session and feel so much better in my self. I feel like i am back in control. I would highly recommend Dudley. Although i have had only one session i can see real results. Thanks Dudley




Sandra from Claregalway said:


Both my sister and I celebrated in December one year free from cigarettes following our session with Dudley. I found the session very good as it covered off all angles, hypnosis, health issues and general problems with breaking habits. We are so very very grateful for his help and for finally freeing us from this unhealthy addiction.