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Darragh Finlay

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Darragh Finlay Therapy


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Tir Na Nog

Carrickmacross Road


Co Louth

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I am an experienced healer and therapist specialising in Rapid Transformational Therapy™️. After 15 years in corporate sales, I began to sense that I was in a never-ending cycle of unfulfilling work. I realised that I had become part of the problem, allowing myself to be consumed by deadlines, pressure and targets while never actually contributing to the greater good. In 2012 my exciting journey started with my training in Bio-Energy Therapy and Meditation. As my journey progressed, I decided to train in Rapid Transformational Therapy and Hypnosis.


My private practices are based in Dublin and Dundalk, where I work with clients on a one-to-one basis. I also work in group settings and offer staff wellness programs for corporate organisations.


Another huge passion of mine is designing bespoke retreats combining Rapid Transformational Therapy, Bio-Energy healing, and Tibetan meditation with mindful movement practices in stunning locations around Ireland.