When it comes to your business name, you should consider a simple, easy to remember name, which says what you do right away. Unless you're planning to expand your business nationally and spend huge amounts of money advertising your brand, you need to keep it simple and to the point.


One thing to avoid is calling your business or brand after your locality. Consider the following scenario:


You live in a place called Oldtown in Cork, and decide to practice from home. You want people to recognise your brand and locality, so an easy option is to call your business Oldtown Hypnosis. One year later you decide you want to rent an office in the city centre, and further commit to providing hypnotherapy to clients. The problem is that you are now recognised as Oldtown Hypnosis, and this might not fit as well in Mallow Cork, or Bray Wicklow or in Dublin 5. After 1 year you've probably got www.OldTownHypnosis.com and all your stationary is splashed with the name stuck in the location.


Imagine running Donegal Hypnotherapy out of Limerick City. It just wouldn't have the same attraction and would cause confusion. If you are sure you will be practicing out of the same location for the duration of your hypnotherapy days, then choosing a location name is not a bad idea.


If your name happens to be John Smith, you might consider John Smith Hypnotherapy as a business or brand name. This makes sense in many ways. You don't have to rack your brains thinking of a catchy business name only to discover it's in use already by another business or several others in other countries, which is a common occurrence.


A name which includes your personal name and your service says who you are and what you do. Simple. While you might not mind having the same business name as another hypnotist in London, or New York.....it can matter a great deal for your website. Learn more about websites here.


You are far more likely to find a domain name available to match. Choosing a catchy name like Mind Hypnosis or Dublin Hypnotherapy is likely to be taken, and will likely leave the rubbish extensions such as .us, .biz and .me for you to choose. Either that, or it will cost you hundreds or even thousands to purchase the rights to your desired domain name.


Take a good look at the websites page for more info on domains. www.JohnSmithHypnotherapy.com or www.JSHypnotherapy.com is easy to remember, and relatively cheap to rent.


With a personal business name, you don't need a logo. You can of course have one designed, but it's very effective to use your initials and have them written in a fancy text. Below is an example of a text Logo for John Smith Hypnotherapy.