Business Cards are one of the first things you think about when providing a service or setting up any kind of business. Lets face it; you are offering a business service, so you should be prepared. The last thing you want, is to be asked for a business card and you don't have one to give.




If you are to buy business cards, they should be simple and professional. A business card should not be a flyer or a place to provide detailed information about your business or service. It should not double up as a coupon if you want to look professional. 20% off is something you should not print on the side, or even on the back of your business cards. It then becomes a coupon with contact information.




Ideally your details will be on a high quality paper. Some printers will only provide cards printed on paper not much thicker than a folded page (approx 120gsm) as their standard offer. What you really want is 200 - 350gsm paper. The extra cost for better quality paper is surprisingly little if you go to the right place.




Unfortunately it can be expensive to get business cards printed locally. It is also hard to know what you're getting online, and often a daunting task because you have to design the cards yourself. If you are brave enough and are willing to put the effort in, you can get really good results using some of the online sites.




250 business cards online should cost no more than €50 and you can get them for half that if you look around. In fact, you can find them for free (only pay Post & Packaging), but the reverse of the card will promote the printing company and will be on low quality card. This will not do you, or your business any justice. It might take a while to get the design and layout right, but a good business card can do wonders for your business. Equally, a badly designed or poor quality card can send a potential client in a different direction.




It might take a couple of times before you are satisfied (local print or online orders), so don't be tempted to order more than 250 cards, even if the price is great!! If you are only starting up your business, you are doubly advised to keep the quantities at no more than 250 because you will likely want to change details by the time you're half-way through your first batch. You may need to change a contact number, add another one, or even change the address if you include one. You might even have a logo to add.