The Irish Hypnotist Register is the professional Hypnotherapy register of Ireland since 2008.


The primary aim is to provide free public access to qualified Hypnotists. The secondary aim is to provide qualified Hypnotists with a verified listing on the register.


Aside from the above aims, the IHR provides a unique source of information for both the public and for Hypnotists. This provides real options and peace of mind, when people decide to see a Hypnotist; to help bring about desired changes.


There is a wealth of information about Hypnosis, and how it works. Some of the old myths will be dispelled, and you will finally understand what hypnosis is about. The history page may be of interest to you if you want to learn more about the roots of Hypnosis.


There is a list of hypnotists here for you. This will be useful, for when you decide to make a booking, and change your life for the better. All Hypnotists are allowed to have a listing after confirming they meet a minimum set of standards.


All the Hypnotists registered here, are automatically bound by the code of ethics, which has been issued by The Irish Hypnotist Register. To help monitor the use of the code, we provide you with a FEEDBACK FORM, which you can fill out and submit to us online. We do enjoy reading the positive feedback, and encourage you to leave some at your convenience.


How you use this site is at your discretion. It is a free service. If you cannot find a particular Hypnotist registered here, it does not mean they are not qualified. Registration with the IHR is not mandatory, but you can suggest that the Hypnotist join the IHR and have their listing included. The Code of Ethics is a minimum standard any Hypnotist should uphold.





The information presented on this site is strictly for educational purposes only. It by no means constitutes a recommendation of treatment, or substitute for medical consultations. Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the content of this site, The Irish Hypnotist Register and its owners, or partners will not accept responsibility, or liability of any sort for the use of the information here-in, in any manner.